Auto lifestyle consultant is an auto experienced professional that gives advice, guidance, etc., so that one can achieve a result with the least amount of grief whether you are buying a vehicle or have a need for transportation.  Your auto lifestyle consultant provides you with key elements every auto lifestyle deserves to experience whether you’re driven or driving. These elements open the door to opportunity for those who desire to enhance the quality of their transportation necessities with quality services & products to maximize their time & investment in this auto industry.

Auto Concierge Enterprises serves as a one-stop shop for vehicle acquisition, driven transportation, roadside assistance;  as well as pertinent auto maintenance information every motorist should know provided by YourAutoConcierge consultant prepared to assess your auto lifestyle.



Created By: JOHN-DAVID LAWRENCE  - President/CEO 

· Driven or Driving Auto Lifestyle Management

· Shuttle & Chauffeur Transportation Service

· Auto Sales & Rental Services

· Nationwide Roadside Assistance & Auto Credit Builder

Auto Concierge Enterprises™ - This brand represents its diverse set of uses in an auto lifestyle management capacity, providing automotive errand services, as well as lifestyle consultation, public image enhancement, and brand exposure. Known industry wide as ACE – is a vehicle acquisition and luxury chauffeured transportation service company.



We are committed to providing our customers with a hassle-free approach to buying or selling a vehicle. By working with Auto Concierge Consultant, you will have an advocate on your side, ensuring that you will drive away knowing that over 10 years of automotive experience has taken care of all the details.​

Auto dealers spend thousands of dollars training their sales staff to professionally negotiate the vehicle's selling price, trade-in value, monthly payment, and the loan's APR, so even the most educated consumer can still drive away having buyer's remorse.If you are looking for a hard to find or a rare vehicle an auction may be the only way you will ever be able to find it.  We specialize in acquiring all makes and models of new or pre-owned automobiles at competitive prices, geared to bring more valued features that fit your lifestyle and saving you time and money on your auto investment. You'll have peace of mind knowing that you have experienced automotive professionals on your side, so you can just relax and allow us to provide you with a fun and enjoyable car buying experience!


Provide Your Auto Lifestyle Problems with Solutions

With Auto Concierge Enterprises, this personalized service enhances the perception of our clients’ auto lifestyle by going above and beyond their customers’ expectations, forming and building meaningful relationships with them over time.

Buy Your Vehicle

Video Online Auto Consultations – Auto consultations are scheduled and billed at $45 per week included are (3) 1-hour session with YourAutoConcierge preparing and executing steps in your auto lifestyle roadmap. Prior to your scheduled consultation we recommend that you prepare any questions or concerns that you have about purchasing a vehicle and fill out our Auto Lifestyle Questionnaire to create your profile with your specific preferences.

Sell Your Vehicle 
Wholesale Package – If you’re looking to sell you current vehicle fast, and you don’t want the aggravation and hassle of selling it yourself, then the wholesale package allows us to find a buyer for you and make your car sell for you. Our Auto Consultants will conduct a market analysis of your vehicle through our network of wholesalers, and will provide you with 3 cash offers.

In order to negotiate your best deal, you need to be prepared, and we will provide you with the information that dealers don’t want their customers to know. Our staff will personalize every aspect of your car buying experience provide you with concierge care that will put your mind at ease.

YourAutoConcierge provided solutions include;

Vehicle search tailored to your auto lifestyle needs & budget
Financing options tailored to your qualifications & current situation
Auto Insurance, Maintenance, Customize & Warranty Solutions



ACE - Concierge Car Service came into creation of a new business mindset of a transportation service that solves the identified mismatch between driven experiences that we settle for and the experiences that we deserve.

The business model is based on the flexibility of a concierge service, which allows a focus on service to adapt to the demand of our clients needs at any time, making its auto lifestyle components available, decreasing the stress for passengers trip and at the same time offers a service with the required features for the most luxurious driven experience.

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AuctionWell - Concierge Car Buying Service will help you find exactly what you want in your new car—saving you time, money and hassle. Simply tell us the make, model, color and options you want in your new car and we’ll:

FIND the exact vehicle you want through our network of affiliates/dealers
OBTAIN a very competitive price on your behalf
ARRANGE your financing tailored to your current lifestyle
DELIVER the vehicle to you or one of our locations

Auto Concierge Services completely tailored road map to your specific auto lifestyle needs providing solutions that change lives.
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