You're Driven to DRIVE
Consulted by: YourAutoConcierge

Auto Locating Concierge Service will help you find exactly what you want in your new car—saving you time, money and hassle. Simply tell us the make, model, color and options you want in your new car and we’ll:

FIND the exact new car you want through our network of area dealers
OBTAIN a very competitive price on your behalf
ARRANGE your financing
DELIVER the vehicle to one of our branches



Public I Dealer Auction Consulting

We’re Driven, You’re Driving.

Your Auto Concierge is searching until the perfect car is in your driveway. And while we do the searching, you’re in control of the details. Make, model and mileage are just the beginning of your options. Customize your search to be as specific as you want and for as long as you want.

  • Your search, your timeline.

YourAutoConcierge will continuously search for vehicles that fit your profile each day, week, month until you are ready to make that purchase. You’re in control from the time you start to even think about buying a car; don’t go from dealer to dealer, compare and contrast, just enter your destination and ETA.  Driven by YourAutoConcierge; driving you to the fastest route, with least amount of traffic, and pleasant auto buying experience in a timely manner.  

We’re Always Right On Your Time

  • Make to your specifications.

We search on your terms, so make your search as precise as you want. The details are up to you. We search hundreds of sources to find the right car for you.

  • Search by Location

  • Search by Make / Model

  • Search by Price

  • Search by Source

  • Search by type: Vintage, Exotic, Foreign

This service is for the customer that values their time, and understands that time is money. Our staff will locate your new vehicle with you and take care of every last detail navigating through the thousands of cars at the auction, giving you president access to dealer auction through a virtual platform from the comfort of your home, office; delivery of vehicle within your desired timeframe.  

YourAutoConcierge will set up an interview time to assess your auto lifestyle necessities, determine several options for you to choose the direction that is right for you, you're driven through our network of auto solutions of transportation, driving you through our AuctionWeLL virtual meeting room where we supply the market research & virtual view of your vehicle choice.

AConsultation: "Ask YourAutoConcierge?"
Live Web Consultation – AuctionWeLL presents you with efficient auto market research driven by YourAutoConcierge, providing you through innovative technology; a creative auto buying experience that enriches any auto lifestyle with the ability to have a full-service Auto Concierge draw up a tailored road map with key elements that's driving you throughout your auto lifestyle no matter the destination!

Providing (3) Dealer Auction opportunities to to purchase a vehicle of your choice within the  budget set tailored to your needs and expectations.

Prior to your scheduled consultation we recommend that you fill out our Auto Lifestyle Questionnaire adding any additional questions or concerns that you have about purchasing/selling a vehicle.  This consultation will give you all the information and details you need to make a decision on your auto lifestyle to achieve your expectations and goals.  

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YourAutoConcierge Will Take You Where You Need to Go

This service is intended to give potential consumers a realistic overview of an auction service that enables businesses and individuals to access auctions from all over the world featuring a virtual tour of auction vehicles, our technology supplies the vehicles condition, virtual test drive, YourAutoMechanic check, history and KBB book value reports you use in a single, efficiency-focused, easy-to-use display; presented to you by YourAutoConcierge within ONE platform!

YourAutoConcierge services work for the auto buyer and act as an advocate for the buyer.  We serve as fact finder, negotiator, and personal assistant.  YourAutoConcierge, just like a five star hotel concierge, researches the customer’s needs and desires personalized solutions for your auto lifestyle.  This YourAutoConcierge service utilizes several forms of communication to stay connected with our clients to provide 24/7 Auto Consulting services via Virtual Meetings, Phone, Mobile Messaging, Social Media, Forum, and more.

24/7/365 ACCESS
We provide a team of responsive concierges to service your employees, residents and clients at all hours of the day and night.
We turn any phone into the ultimate smartphone. Stop struggling with your artificial intelligence and speak with a live dedicated assistant.
Consider your concierge as the ultimate on-call resource. Google is great but your concierge is better.
Access the concierges via a dedicated toll-free phone number, text message, instant-chat or through a dynamic website.

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Auto Lifestyle Conversation To Change Your Life....

Auto Auction Market Research - We've done the research for YOU!

AuctionWell arms you with all the market research vehicle-specific knowledge, displays the full Manheim Market Report MMR view for each vehicle, allowing you to see different trim levels, transactions, auction averages, retail projections, CarFax history reports and options you need to purchase more cars with greater confidence in one platform.

We masterfully design, create, market and manage your auto lifestyle, completely customized virtual personal assistant and concierge services for your specific needs. Our solutions promote YOUR brand by linking employees, residents and customers to a dedicated, US based, 24/7 virtual personal assistant providing a localized marketplace all under one roof. As a seamless extension of your organization, we provide a high-touch solution specifically designed to increase productivity, engagement and profitability