Daily, Hourly and Out-of-State Travel

Base Rates based off of 6/3hrs within 200 driven miles from pick-up location

$300 Daytime Errand Driven: 9am-6pm; 8pm-12am
$150 Half-Day: multiple stops, meetings, lunches, etc (3hrs)
$350 Nightlife Driven: 12am-6am
$250 Half-Night: multiple events, concerts, follow me, driven home safely (3hrs)

DrivenByHour (Corporate Charters, Out of State Trips, etc.)
$65/hr Eco-Luxury SEDAN
$85/hr First-Class SUV
$150/hr Mercedes Sprinter 8-13 Passenger (4hr min.)
$175/hr Luxury Party Bus 23 Passenger (4hr min.)

*on-call/non-driven time billed at $15/hr

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