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Providing an auto lifestyle membership club offers an advantage tool to distinguish loyal customers & businesses; providing options for each level of service to provide a better experience throughout your Auto Lifestyle utilizing Auto Concierge Enterprises to enhance your overall lifestyle.

Auto concierge can represent a lifestyle management and errand service in the automotive industry; it has become a key marketing/loyalty tool in the consumer experience and business to business clientele sharing fulfillment system. Each club level will include additional promotions & discounts, personalized customer service & benefits, additional services (members only); all at an affordable monthly rate to handle your entire auto needs with one membership club. 

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Being Driven in Luxury are just the Amenities
Choose Your Auto Lifestyle

With Auto Concierge Enterprises, this personalized service enhances the perception of our clients’ auto lifestyle by going above and beyond their customers’ expectations, forming and building meaningful relationships with them over time. Over the past three years, we have invested heavily in people, processes, and technology to create high touch brand experiences. Our established network of strategic partners and service providers means Auto Concierge Services can provide the best service, access, and benefits to our members. You can browse our expanding list of participating partners and activate privileges and complimentary benefits for a wide range of services and products including preferred rates, upgrades, complimentary amenities, free trials, etc. at top restaurants, hotels, spa services, entertainment, home services, transportation and other lifestyle services. Enjoy any privilege as many times as you would like. No expiration dates.



If you occasionally would walk into our “Lobby” to be Driven or if you’re Driving and may need to Auto Consultation for a vehicle or being Driven x2 Month

$45 -Auto Lifestyle Consulting Membership

Monthly Subscription

Lobby Level includes: 

x2 Member Trip 

One-Way Transportation or Auto Consultation

*1.5 hrs Standby included during charters; ACE Member Flat Rates; Referral Benefits; YourAutoConcierge Preferences & Priority.*



If you frequently would walk into our “Lobby” to be Driven or if you’re Driving services at least 5x a month; You qualify for a CONDO Suite!

$95 - Auto Lifestyle Manager

Monthly Subscription

Condo Level includes:

x4 Member Trip Cards =

x2 One-Way Trip OR

x1 RoundTrip + x1 Gift Drive

*1.5 hrs Standby included during charters; ACE Member Flat Rates; Referral Benefits; YourAutoConcierge Preferences & Priority.*



If you need Auto Lifestyle Management would like to our “Lobby” to be Driven or if you’re Driving and may need to Auto Consultation for a vehicle or being Driven x10 Month

$295 - Auto Lifestyle Management 

Monthly Subscription

Penthouse Level includes:

x6 Member Trip Cards 

x2 One-Way Trip PLUS

x1 RoundTrip + x2 Gift Drive

*1.5 hrs Standby included during charters; ACE Member Flat Rates; Referral Benefits; YourAutoConcierge Preferences & Priority.*


ACE Membership’s Target Market I Values

YourAutoConcierge intends to provide key solutions put in gear to accelerate your personal or business transportation needs in this auto industry for your clients or for your family members driving you through your auto lifestyle to the road to success!

Personalize your transportation solutions to the way you do business whether you are providing as an amenity for your current clients or adding ACE to your product or service as a special package and enjoy the benefits for yourself while extending it to your network.

Establish network of clients & affiliates whose clientele are in need of a valuable transportation services that will enhance consumer experience for your clientele with solutions that are necessities.

  1. Members receive additional discounts on personal and business transportation needs.

  2. Priority Personalized Transportation, Shuttle, or Valet to service your clientele

  3. Referral benefits for members whose clients utilize ACE for their transportation needs.

  4. Discounts with other business within Auto Concierge Enterprises

  5. Cross-Market Promotions utilizing “clientele sharing” network maximizing both brands with benefits to bring value to consumers experience and value to their product or service

  6. Provide members discounted prices, packages, or referral benefits for VIP Tier Level Clients for recurring business

  7. Providing auto solutions to your network - Driven or Driving - Car Buying or Car Service

  8. If you value personalized a luxury driven lifestyle, on-demand, optional preferred drivers that compliment your lifestyle needs.

  9. AuctionWell - Auction Access, YourAutoConcierge Consultation managing all of the elements throughout this new car buying experience.  

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A Transport Service That Cares

As YourAutoConcierge we allow complete flexibility of pickup and drop-off destinations anywhere and as many stops as needed.
We take pride in allowing our clients dictate the direction the night goes, our auto concierge have a go-with-the-flow personalities that allow the client to feel comfortable with YourAutoConcierge at your side in any situation.

Bus Passengers


Real problems you will encounter throughout YOUR auto lifestyle, inquire to see what service solutions solve your current and future auto problems.

Are You Driven to your destinations in a spectacular way?

ACE Members Choose I ACE Credit or Monthly Cash Payouts I Choose Hourly, A2B, or ByMile rates according to your auto lifestyle necessities.

Priority Scheduling-Flexible-Personable-Patience-Referral -Referral Benefits-Member Deals



Whether you are looking for luxurious private or group transportation to the event, a business meeting, a shopping spree, or a hospital; assures your travel to be absolutely relaxed and pain free. Enjoy the nightlife in the city, in the style and with optimum luxury.

We have additional sized vehicles for accommodating individual or group of any size without compromising with comfort and luxury. If you want to travel from and to the Airport & Train Transportation, Students Transportation, Chartered Sprinter’s- Group Transportation, City of Atlanta Tours, Commuter Shuttles, .
Reservations just one click away! Sit back, relax and be chauffeured throughout the year with uncompromising door to door transportation 24/7/365.

Here are some of our tour locations and suggestions we can put together for you:

Botanical Garden

Piedmont Park

High Museum of Art

The Fox  Theatre

Centennial Park

The CNN Center

SkyView Ferris Wheel

World Of Coke

Georgia Aquarium

Martin Luther King Center

Atlantic Station

Governors Mansion

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These benefits are exclusive to members of this elite auto lifestyle club that serves as a gateway to auto solutions; we’re inviting you into our lobby to meet YourAutoConcierge to inquire about how you can enhance all of your auto lifestyle necessities! These elements open the door to opportunity for those who desire to enhance the quality of their transportation necessities with quality services & products to maximize their time & investments within their industry needs.

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